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06/17/2017 offers veterinarians savings in effort, time and money when ordering daily medical supplies
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Veterinarians can now save considerable time and effort when procuring their practice supplies: The new, free Internet platform gives them the opportunity to put together deliveries in just a few minutes with a mouse click from around 50,000 products from the leading suppliers and to order them from the relevant manufacturers in Germany to give order.


Previously, the required items had to be found, sorted by provider and ordered by phone or fax - hard work that could rarely be completed in less than half an hour. By simplifying and accelerating the process, veterinarians and practice staff are relieved considerably. In addition, orders via go directly to the manufacturer, which usually offers a significant price advantage.


Blame for everything is Emma, the three-year-old family dog in the Heiland household. While waiting for a routine check-up, Jaan and Claas Heiland involuntarily witnessed the effort veterinarians have to go through to procure consumables, medicines or food - right up to the exasperated perseverance in telephone waiting loops. And so the idea for was born!


A special feature of the website is that discounts negotiated by the practice are automatically taken into account by the suppliers based on the respective customer numbers. In addition, the website indicates at each step whether the minimum order amount for free delivery has already been reached with the respective manufacturer. Articles that are required regularly do not have to be searched for from the range every time - the last orders are summarized on the start page and can be reordered with a single mouse click. met with great interest from practices and manufacturers immediately after it was founded. Usage is completely free for veterinarians – is financed by brokerage commissions for manufacturers. Providers welcome orders in electronic form, since digitization means that orders can be processed much more precisely and quickly. Telephone calls like “No, this time a hundred pieces… How much does that cost? ... Oh, they don't offer that at all ... Is that enough for free delivery?' are finally a thing of the past.


Mr Jörg Hannemann, Managing Director of Virbac Tierarzneimittel GmbH, is enthusiastic: "We welcome the advantages that offers for veterinary practices and manufacturers."


For vet Dr. medical vet Hellwig from Berlin sees the time saving as the biggest advantage: “ is really easy to use. This saves me a lot of time, which my patients now benefit from.” is a platform exclusively for veterinarians and their practices. For this reason, the information is checked for every customer registration in order to prevent misuse by unauthorized persons. Shipping and invoicing are handled by the respective supplier as usual.

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