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Use Europe's largest marketplace for veterinary supplies

Place all orders with your suppliers quickly and easily via the free ordering platform


+ 97 more manufacturers

One platform,
for all orders


Your conditions remain the same.

Your conditions negotiated with the manufacturers will be taken into account. 


Compare availabilities

For each item, you have the choice of ordering it via your practice or pharmacy account.


 Delivery times remain unchanged.

Your orders are transferred to the manufacturers and delivered in a matter of seconds.


A shopping cart for each manufacturer. 

You have a separate shopping cart for each manufacturer.


Search all manufacturers.

With our search you can find items even faster in the specialist ranges of the manufacturers.


All postage limits at a glance.

Your shopping cart dynamically shows you the manufacturer's free shipping limits.

Our customers gain an average of 32 minutes per order process

Average time needed to order from 8 manufacturers via phone, fax and internet.

36 mins

Average time it takes to over at 8 manufacturers to order.

4 mins

Optimize your purchase 

Keep an eye on your consumption at all times. Always order the quantities that you really need - at the conditions and scales that are most favorable for your practice.


Join our family of over 4,500 of the best vets

Tierarzt Praxis Kotzian

" helps us to save money, relieves our team and makes our everyday practice easier! We wouldn't want to do without it anymore!"

T. Kotzian, Kotzian Small Animal Clinic

A new idea from an old tradition

In 1970, Holger Heiland founded a specialist mail order company for medical supplies. His vision: to make everyday practice as simple and efficient as possible. Driven by innovations such as the nationwide mail order catalogue, telephone ordering and the 24-hour delivery service. His sons Jaan and Claas also share this vision. In 2016 they founded, the platform that takes practice management into the next century.

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